Attack on Desert Con

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On a sunny afternoonon the west coast of the United States, many buses and cars crowded the transcontinental highways heading for Desert Con, an annual festival that encompasses musical attractions and cultural activities over the course of a week. The festival gates opened only in the early afternoon, but already in the morning the movement through the desert area on its first day of the festival was notorious. Even with the strong sun, the participants did not give up going with their clothes, costumes and accessories to enjoy the festival in the most original way possible.
Desert Con had several structures inside so that the participants could exchange different experiences. Boutiques, tattoo parlors, themed attractions were some of the activities that could be done there during the day of the festival, in addition to the musical attractions, which had two large stages, both equipped with the best in sound system and entertainment. When the time to open the gates arrived, the turnstiles began to work. Each ticket approved was a smile on the face of a participant, who wasted no time and started running right after passing the security inspection.